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Why You Should Rely On Hope for better life.

Why You Should Rely On Hope for better life.

Have you Ever wish you could go back in time undo All your mistake , sometimes we didn’t see anything in our future & sick of having another day ahead .emotion of wanting emotionless. Many of us may be broke or failed to compite in rat race for success .wondering where we are moving in our life , b

roke without education .All of this things make us scared of future , doesn’t it ? I bet some of us had same feelings about my thoughts because I have been through to same situation .so how I overcome my fears of future . I can say I had pretty bad time getting over from my downtime.when my father passed away leaving a family without any support . I was just kid .who didn’t knew how to take decision but I didn’t mope on my past . Well I was scared too of responsibility but I didn’t let my destiny bring me down.Then I decide to stay focused on things that I had in my life . I looked at my family and stopped nagging about things I don’t have .I learned to stay happy in things we have . I took advices from wise people of my surrounding & listen to them . I dreamed and visualized future . I don’t think we need education to get better . Only thing we need is dedication of ourself to future . I m not saying us should stop going to college . Life is incomplete without education . In all of this I had hopes that I can be better . I choose my passion and followed it and still learning , and Iimportant to remind yourself about the objective you are wanting to attain. This is the end goal that you want to substitute for the failed attempt. However, this can’t just be any goal. It can be anything . I must be not give up . passionate goal something that moves you, something that took away your sleep . and something that gives you ample reason to get up in the morning and follow your passions. If there is no passion behind your actions, then you will simply lack the motivation you need to get through the obstacles you face.


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